Best practice for trustees

This is a great article on the steps to take when you become a trustee, to ensure that you make a meaningful and informed contribution to the Board. As a new trustee myself, these tips are particularly timely. But the idea of training has given me food for thought, particularly in the field of financial management.

An essential role of the Board is to maintain a strong oversight over the organisation’s resources and ensure they are spent in line with the charitable aims. A successful board has a range of skills and expertise to fully support the charity - but does this mean that all board members have a strong financial understanding? If the board is to be accountable for the financial viability of an organisation it’s important that they are given the right level of support to meet their responsibilities - from how to read the financial accounts they receive, the terminology used and financial risks to be aware of.

This is definitely an area of training I’ll be looking into going forward so watch this space!